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Pro Tips To Dealing With Carpet Stains

Hosting family for the holidays or have guests coming in town? The house has to be sparkling clean, including all the rugs and carpets, or your mother-in-law will notice. But you know from past experience there will be carpet stains even before dinner makes it to the table. Aunt Edna will accidentally spill her coffee, the nieces and nephews will track in mud, and, of course, no visit is complete until your sister tries to pass the wine… and drops it.

Now is the time to call ProFlooring Solutions and schedule a deep carpet cleaning appointment. Then, head to the store and pick up the necessary supplies so you can tackle those stains as soon as they happen. If treated ASAP, many stains can be handled without having to call in the professionals. But for stains that aren’t responding to our recommended DIY stain removal methods, don’t hesitate to call us!

Here is a helpful list of items we recommend to have on hand for DIY stain removal emergencies:
  • Club soda

  • Dawn dishwashing soap

  • White vinegar

  • Baking soda

  • White or light colored towels

  • Paper towels

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Dry solvent carpet cleaner

Often, especially with a house full of company, it’s difficult to find the time when people aren’t coming in and out in order to treat a carpet stain. If that’s the case around your home then try this handy tip: attempt to soak up as much liquid surrounding the stain as possible. Then, wait until the festivities are over and everyone has gone home, or to bed, to treat the stain. This way no one will be around to walk all over it, allowing the area all night to dry. But after all that, if the stain still remains, it’s time to call in the ProFlooring Solutions team.

Other helpful hacks to reduce the amount of dirt and grime that could end up on your carpets during visits include:

  • Ask guests to remove their shoes before entering.

  • Install heavy duty floor mats at both the exterior and interior of the entrance doors.

  • Shake these mats out thoroughly on a regular basis. The less dirt attached to the mats means less dirt that has a chance of being tracked inside your home.

  • If possible, and especially if you have overnight guests, vacuum high traffic areas once a day. This helps keep dust, dirt and grime from getting ground deep into the carpet fibers.

Give us a call today at 864-569-9366 or use our convenient online contact form, to schedule your carpet care appointment. From dyeing faded carpets to repairing holes, tears and loose seams, ProFlooring Solutions has the expertise necessary to keep your carpets stain free and smelling great. So clean and fresh, even your mother-in-law will be happy!

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