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Text us a picture of your carpet issue and we'll let you know!


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Repair, Replace or Revive?

We can help you with it all.

Whether you have a fraying edge, pet damage, staining, or simply want a brand new look - the ProFlooring team is here to help.

Our services include: 

"Samantha did an outstanding job coming to our aid to repair a section of carpet in the rental home we were moving out of. She did an outstanding job, was very thorough, meticulous in detail, great quality, great value, she was very delightful and professional, very responsive and reliable!!"
 - Stacy Nigg

We can fix problems you think are unfixable

At ProFlooring Solutions, we specialize in bringing our years of expert repair experience to revive your floors.  From inexpensive carpets to high-end delicate fabrics – we repair it all!

Ready to start fresh? We can help you select and install new flooring, from wood and laminate to new carpet installs.

  • How do I know if my carpet is fixable?
    It can be really hard to tell, and we recommend getting a professional opinion before deciding to replace your flooring. If you would like to send us some pictures via text or email we will be happy to give you our advice!
  • What caused my carpet to wrinkle?
    There can be several root causes for carpet wrinkles. The most common is improper installation, and some other common causes are the subfloor or tack strips being aligned improperly, Their also could have been some other factor like water damage, heavy furniture. The good news is that almost always carpet wrinkles are fixable, so give us a call!
  • I just had a spill. What do I do?
    We always suggest the same steps: First, blot (not scrub) with a white cloth and get as much liquid up as possible without spreading the spill. Then, if there is any spots left on the carpet we suggest getting the cloth wet with hot water (no cleaning agents) to again blot the spot to try to remove the spill. This is the safest way to avoid damaging the carpet. We recommend calling us or another professional before trying any cleaners or chemicals in case they could be damaging to the fiber or texture of the carpets.
  • My cat/dog just chewed a hole in my carpet. Can anything be done?
    Absolutely, we fix damage like that every week! Send us some pictures of the damage and we'll get you a quote. We'd be happy to get it repaired for you.
  • How large of an area can be repaired?
    That varies depending on the placement of the damage in the home, and the type of carpet. We are always happy to advise, so feel free to send us a picture via text or email for guidance.
  • I have a difficult stain on my floor. Can you fix it?
    We are experts in stain removal. While not every stain can be fixed, most can if the proper cleaning agents and techniques are used. We are always happy to advise via text or email, and many times if it is a permanent stain it can be 'patched' or removed and replaced.
  • Can you fix my transitions that are loose or shredded?
    Definitely! There are many ways to fix transitions, from tack strips to metal thresholds to wood transition strips. We would love to help.
  • What is happening with my bleach stains?
    Many chemicals and cleaners can cause bleach damage, which have a wide variety of colors that can show as staining on your carpets. Quite often, these stains can be re-dyed to blend into the carpet. They are not stains in a traditional sense, so cleaning them more will generally not help but adding the color back to the bleached out areas can help restore them. Give us a call and we can give you a free estimate to bring your carpets back to life.


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